Cornerstone Bank Atlanta Georgia

Check out the new site

This is Chris Burnett the CEO

Chris Burnett is the CEO who got this place on the problem bank list

They are also on the under capitalized bank list, that is a serious problem

It didn’t take Chris Burnett long to wipe this place out

Chris is sitting in $28,000,000 in junk loans with only $18,000,000 equity

Not sure why he smiling, he has a serious problem 

Do you have money in this bankrupt disaster? You are screwed!

This is Charles Yorke

Charles has helped wipe this place out

This is Frank Roach CFO

Frank you piece of junk bank is on the under capitalized, do you think there is a problem

No wonder he is half bald

Frank you lost $3,336,000 in Q4 2011

Cornerstone Bank, Atlanta Georgia was founded in 2001.  The bank is on the problem list.  They are currently under capitalized.  The Texas ratio is 77%.

Assets are $477MM, while equity is $24MM

Capitalization is 6.09%, below the 8% threshold.

The problem loan portfolio is $20MM.

Here they are opening a new branch so they can make more bad loans

The problem loans alone should wipe out most of the equity.

Here they are working on the $28,000,000 in problem loans

This place should be closed.

Chris Burnett is the CEO and Charles Youke is the President.

Call Paige Beebe she will get you a sub prime mortgage 401-601-1263

It didn’t take these two long make a ton of bad loans and run this place into the ground.

Things must be good, you are on the problem bank and the under capitalized bank list, driving around in this thing

This place is a cornerstone?

Is this your bank?


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