Take a look at the new site capital2risk.com The Patapsco Bank Dundalk Maryland

This is Michael Dee, this bald clown took $6,000,000 of your tax payer money, which he can’t pay back


Look at this Dork, he hasn’t even paid interest on the money he stole from you since 2/10.

Michael Dee makes $186,000 a year to wipe out a 100 year old bank

This criminal made $27,000,000 in bad loans

Michael you lost over $3,000,000 in Q4 2011 alone how the hell are you pay back the tax payer? You can’t

Michael you wiped out your investors, the stock is 90 cents a share,

Michael gets a $6K car allowance for bankrupting this place

Do you have money with this thief?

Michael, were DEE F$$$$ is the $6,000,000 you took

This criminal won’t even pay the tax payer INTEREST on money he stole!

No wonder this guy is bald

Do you have money in this disaster?

This Bill Weidel, this clown is the CFO, he took $6,000,000 from the tax payer

Bill makes $147,000 except he won’t even pay interest on the money he stole

The Patapsco Bank, Dundalk Maryland was founded in 1910.  The company took $6MM in tax payer funded bail out money, which they won’t pay back.  They haven’t even made an interest payment, since 2/10.  For some reason, they are not on the problem bank list. I guess not paying back, the $6MM to the tax payer or not even paying interest, is not a problem to the regulators.

Assets are $269MM, with reported equity of $17MM

The actual equity is $11MM, as the $6MM in bailout money is debt, not equity.

The problem loan portfolio is $23MM.

With $23MM in problem loans and $11MM in equity, this place looks insolvent.

How come this place is not closed down?

How come they aren’t on the problem bank list?

The executives might not care about paying the tax payer back, but they have no problem paying themselves.

Michael Dee               made   $186k

Laurence Mitchell   made $144k

William Wiedel          made $147k

That is good pay for bankrupting a 100 year financial institution.

Michael, you got paid, where is the $6MM you took from the tax payer?

Michael, you pay yourself, but you won’t even pay interest on the money you took.

Do you have money in this place?

The government is using your money to prop  up this insolvent bank.


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