Bank of Blue Valley Overland Park Kansas

In December, Blue Valley Ban Corp. got $21.8 million from TARP even though the Overland Park, Kan., company’s operations were limited by a secret “memorandum of understanding” with the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City and state regulators, said Mark A. Fortino, Blue Valley’s finance chief.

This month, the pact was upgraded to a formal written agreement with the Fed. Such agreements generally signal that a bank is on a government list of “problem” institutions. At the Fed’s request, Blue Valley didn’t make $271,000 in TARP dividend payments due in May and August, according to Mr. Fortino.

This is Robert Reiger he gets paid $315k to run this bank into the ground

He got this place on problem bank list for inept commercial real estate lending

Robert racked up $48MM in bad loans and lost the company $26MM

Bank of the Blue Valley? with this clown as the the CEO, the investors are singing the blues

Bank of Blue Valley Overland Park, Kansas was founded in 1989.  The company is on the problem bank list, after it entered into a consent order with the FDIC, for inept commercial real estate lending.  The Texas ratio is 53%.

Bob racked up $48,000,000 in bad  loans, and gets paid $315,000

He seems to like these 3 racks

Hopefully, Bob is not giving these vixons financial advise

Do you think he told them he is on the problem bank list?

Did he tell them the bank is insolvent?

The company has $723MM in assets with $77MM in equity.

The problem loan situation is staggering.  They have $48MM in problem loans, with get this, $45MM on non accrual. I guess that is why they are on the problem bank list.

With $77MM in equity, the $45MM in non accrual, non accrual alone could easily wipe out the equity position.

They are also good at losing money.  Net income was ($3MM) in FY10, ($15MM) in FY09 and ($10MM) in FY08.

This Mark Fortino, he is the CFO, check this dork out, this guy is so Kansas

The stockholders pay  Mark $165,000  to lose $28,000,000 and make $48,000,000 in junk loans 

This joker sings in the barbershop quartet, maybe he should find a decent barber that can fix that triangulated head

This clown is a “left brain accountant”?  Mark you lost F$$? $28,000,000 with your left brain, how much of the investors $$ are you going to lose with your right brain?

This idiot serves in a “pecuniary way” for the Girl Scouts, A$$hole you lost $28,000,000 for Bank of the Blue Valley. How much are you going to lose for the Girl Scouts?

Lost $28,000,000, made $48,000,000 in bad loans, gets paid $165,000


They are not going to earn their way out of this.

At least the executives are well compensated, they earn more than the company makes?

Robert Reigner    makes $315k

Mark Fortino        makes $165k

Bruce Easterly      makes $160k

Not bad pay for getting this place on the problem bank list, losing $28MM and racking up $48MM in bad loans.

Robert Reiger doesn’t care, they pay him $315k to rack up $28MM in loses and $45MM in bad loans, that is a good job.  They pay you good money to keep losing money.

That’s good compensation for this performance, this management team is not singing the blues.

Do you have money in this bank?

The stockholders might have the blues.


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