Four Oaks Bank and Trust Four Oaks North Carolina

Take a look at the new site

This is Ayden Lee, he is wiping out a 100 year old bank

This clown lost $7,039,000 in Q4 2011

Ayden is sitting on $72,000,000 in bad loans, with only $52,000,000 in equity

Ayden you are bankrupt?

This is Ayden Lee he gets paid $276k to bankrupt a 99 year old bank

This idiots have $72,000,000 in bad loans and are sponsoring golf  tournaments?

This clown wiped out 90% of the banks equity in only 3 years

The bank has $92MM in bad loans thanks to this guy, it is insolvent

Do you have money with this guy he bankrupted a 100 year old bank

Four Oaks Bank and Trust Four Oaks North Carolina was founded in 1912.  For some reason, they are not on the problem bank list.  Believe me, this place problems.  I guess a Texas ratio of 80% isn’t good enough in North Carolina these days.

Assets are $960MM with equity of $55MM

Check out the problem loan portfolio, it is impressive.  They have $92MM of bad loans with $81MM on non accrual. Get this, they $42MM in construction loans on non accrual.

Hire this guy as CEO, he has confederate $

So, they have $92MM in bad loans with $55M in equity and they can’t get a spot on the problem bank list, those regulators are on top of thing as usual.

This place is insolvent.

Everything will be all right once the real estate market comes back?

At least the executives pay themselves well to destroy a 99 year financial institution.

Ayden Lee        made  $276k

Clifton Painter  made $171k

Jeff Pope              made $159k

Ayden Lee got paid well to wipe out 90% of the equity in the company in 3 years.

The market capitalization is $19MM or 35% of book, this thing is worth more dead than alive.

For investor relations  questions contact Wanda Blow, can’t make that up. Blow describes the stock price.

Do you have money here?

They should call this thing four jokes.

You know the market is tough, when you are insolvent and can’t even make the problem bank list, those regulators are beyond, savvy


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