First Cornerstone Bank King of Prussia Pennsylvania

Take a look at the new site

This is Robert Jara, this fat head bankrupted this place in record time

Robert runs the worst bank in Pennsylvainia

This dope is sitting on $25,000,000 in junk loans

Robert lost $6,000,000 in Q4 alone, this wiping out 50% of the equity in only 90 days

Robert got this place on the problem bank list for weakness in management , shocking

The Texas ratio is 176%

Robert should be in jail

This idiot is Lawrence Persick

This is dumb F$$ck that made $32,000,000 in bad loans

This bald head should be sitting in jail

This guy is the king of Prussia

With a Texas ratio of 178%, Robert Jara has serious debt and no equity

Robert Jara kicks it down with unsafe and unsound lending

First Cornerstone?

How much debt does this place have?  How about $32MM in bad loans

First Cornerstone Bank, King of Prussia Pennsylvania was founded in 2000.  The company is on the problem bank list for unsafe and unsound lending practices.  They were cited for weakness in management, asset quality, capital earnings and liquidity.  The Texas ratio is 176%.

Assets are $180MM with $13MM in equity.

The problem loan portfolio in relation to the asset base is incredible.  They have $32MM in problem loans.

Having $32MM in problem loans with only $13MM in equity equates to bankrupt.

Why isn’t this place closed down?

Robert Jara, the CEO, wasted no time in bankrupting this bank.

Do you have money in this thing.

Cornerstone, is the one thing they aren’t.


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