Jasper Banking Company Jasper Georgia

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This is Paul Neely, he wiped out this bank

This is Paul Neely he wiped out 82% of the equity in only 3 years

Paul is about to bankrupt a 66 year old bank

Paul is sitting on $47,000,000 in bad loans

Is this dope watching your money?

This is Marvin Chance, the CFO, he was instrumental in destroying this bank.

Would you take a chance with risking your money, with Marvin?

Check out his fat head, do you think this  bankster is going hungry? FAT CHANCE

Here is the board of directors, these clowns approved all this ignorance

Jasper Banking Company Jasper Georgia was founded in 1945. For some reason, this abortion is not on the problem bank list.  One would think with a Texas ratio of 303%, they should be well qualified.

Fortunately, they were able to qualify for the under capitalized bank list. Not hard to do when you have no equity.  They would definitely be approved for the insolvent  bank list.

The assets are $255MM with equity of $11MM.

The problem loan portfolio is $47MM, with $30MM on non accrual.

Do you think this thing is bankrupt?

They lost another $1.4MM in Q2.

The CEO Paul Neely, was instrumental in wiping out 82% of the shareholders equity in the  last 3 years, let alone bankrupting a 66 year old financial institution.

You might want to take your money out of this impending implosion.


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