Presidential Bank Bethesda Maryland

Hire this clown as CEO, he looks Presidential?

Legal, I wouldn’t even buy a Godfather pizza from this guy

I only fondle white women

I guess my wife doesn’t want me to run

Ask him about our foreign policy in Libya

Presidential Bank, Bethesda Maryland was founded in 1985.  The company is on the problem bank list. The Texas ratio is 66%.

Assets are $591MM with equity of $43MM.

The company has $33MM in problem loans, I think they have a problem.

This balance sheet is under serious strain.

Bruce Clifford is the President.  Wow, this guy did a good job of racking up problem loans.

Bruce, you ran this place right into the ground.

I guess with this many bad loans, they are presidential.

Do you have your money in this stellar institution?

Bruce Clifford is not looking very presidential.


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