Peoples Bank & Trust Troy Missouri

This is one of the worst banks in the state

David Thompson is got this place on the problem bank list

This place has $39,000,000 in bad loans

Take your money out of this disaster

The FDIC is on top of this place,David Thompson is one savvy banker

Incompetent commercial lending?

Show me why you would keep money in this bankrupt disaster

If you get caught by the FDIC you are incompetent

Peoples Bank & Trust Troy Missouri was founded in 1924.  They are on the problem bank list for incompetent commercial real estate lending.  That might explain the Texas ratio of 74%.

Assets are $401MM with equity of $31MM.

The problem loan portfolio is $32MM.

The Peoples Bank is looking insolvent, it might soon become the governments bank.

Check out the website, go to our leaders, there are none.  There are no leaders? Somebody made $32MM in bad loans and ran the company into the ground.

Could that person have been Donald Thompson, the Chairman?

I would be in hiding also, if I bankrupted an 87 year old financial institution.

This bank may have made it through the depression but it might not survive Donald Thompson.

Do you have money in this bankrupt bank.

Would you bank with or trust this place?


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