Creekside Bank Woodstock Georgia

Hire this cat as CEO, he is cagey

Creekside Bank, Woodstock Georgia was founded in 2006.  Great timing.  They are on the problem bank list.  That might explain the 600% Texas ratio.

They are also on the under capitalized bank list.  If there were an insolvent bank list, they would be on that also.

Assets are $103MM, with equity of $2MM?

There are $27MM in problem loans.

What, there are $27MM in problem loans with $2MM in equity!

Do you think this place is bankrupt?

Why isn’t this thing closed down?

Larry Peterson the CEO, wiped out 287% of the equity in record time.

Net income was ($4.5MM) in FY10 and ($5.4MM) in FY09.  They lost another $507k in Q1 2011.

Larry Peterson is great at making bad loans and losing money.

Is anyone looking for an incompetent CEO?

Do you have money in this place?


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