Idaho Independent Bank Coeur D’Alene Idaho

Jack Gustavel ran this bank into the ground and wiped out the stockholders

He pays himself $480K, which includes a country club membership a a car allowance.

This cat is adept at making bad constuction loans

Why is he smiling, for getting paid $480k to destroy a bank, I would be smiling also

Idaho Independent Bank, Coeur D’Alene Idaho was founded in 1993.  The stock is delisted.

Assets are $447MM with equity of $55MM.

The problem loan portfolio is impressive.  They have $49MM in problem loans.  Get this, they have $30MM in construction loans on non accrual.

With $49MM in problem loans and $55MM in equity, this place is insolvent.

This zombie should closed.

Why isn’t this place on the problem bank list. I would think being insolvent would be a problem.

The executives ran this place into the ground but at least they pay themselves well to do it.

Jack Gustavel      made $480k

Paul Montreul   made $143k

Kurt Gustavel   made $246k

Rod Colwell       made $140k

This includes country club fees and car allowances.

The Gustavel’s, wiped out the shareholders, bankrupted the bank and get paid to play golf.  These clowns have it made.

Do you have money in this zombie bank?

The Gustavel’s need your money for the country club fees.


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