Village Bank St Francis Minnesota

Take a look at the new site

This place is bankrupt

They lost $5,000,000 in Q4 2011

These clowns wiped out 56% of the remaining equity in 90 days

 This piece of sh$$t is sitting on $30,000,000 in junk loans

Don Kevton bankrupted this place

Don’s bank is on the problem bank list

Don’s bank is almost bankrupt

These boys have insider information

This looks like some hazardous activity

Keep it in the village

Village Bank, St Francis Minnesota was founded in 1993.  The company is on the problem bank list, for hazardous commercial real estate lending.  That may explain the 126% Texas ratio.

Assets are $232MM, with equity of $10MM

Get a load of the problem loan portfolio.  They have $46MM in problem loans.

Hold on, there are $46MM in problem loans with only $10MM in equity.

This place is bankrupt.

This place should be closed

They lost $4.7MM in Q2 2011

How about shutting this zombie bank down.

Don Kveton, the CEO, did an admirable job in racking up serious levels of problem loans.

He also wiped out 64% of the equity in 3 years.

Only the village idiot keeps their money in this place.


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