The Little Bank Kinston North Carolina


Check out Rob Jones, he took $7.5MM of tax payer money, which he won’t pay back and is giving away a check for $50K

Rob is what he is doing to the tax payer

the tax payer is Jonesing for their money back

The Little Bank Kinston North Carolina was founded in 1998.  The company took $7.5MM in tax payer funded bailout money, which it has neglected to pay back.  The stock is delisted.

Assets are $307MM with $32MM in equity.

Net income was $3.2M in FY10 and $1.3MM in FY09.

The company also paid dividends to the shareholders.

Why wasn’t the $4.5MM in earnings used to repay the tax payer?

Why are they paying dividends before the tax payer?

The CEO is Rob Jones.

Rob, where is the $7.5MM you took from the tax payer and have decided to not pay back.

Rob, it is one thing running the stock price and shareholders into the ground.

However, taking tax payer money and not paying it back is a serious problem.

The Little Bank did a good job of taking a big check from the tax payer.

Little is what they repaid to the tax payer, it is actually closer to none.

Is this your bank?

Need that cash to pay Rob Jones, while the politician is throwing stones.

He is not Jonesing to pay back the tax payer.

The name is fitting, Rob. Rob the tax payer.


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