Millenium Bank Edwards Colorado

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Craig Sakin took $47,000,000 of your money which he won’t even a pay interest on

Craig, how about buying one a these vixons a shirt

Millennium Bank Edwards Colorado was founded in 2001.  The company took $7MM in tax payer funded bailout money, which it has refused to repay.  Then again, they haven’t even paid interest on these funds since 2/10.  For some reason, they aren’t not the problem bank list.  I guess not paying back tax payer bailout money is not a problem. I am thinking a Texas ratio of 75% is a problem.

Assets are $270MM with equity of $19MM.

The problem loan portfolio is $24MM.

All right, they have $24MM in problem loans and $19MM in equity.

This place is bankrupt.

It is pretty bad if you are bankrupt, and can’t even get on the problem bank list.

Craig Sakin, the CEO ran this place into the ground in record time.

Craig, where is the tax payers $7MM? Check your pocket.

Craig, how about at least paying interest on the money you stole from the tax payer.

Millennium Bank, Craig you might want to change the name, you wiped out this place in less than a decade!

Craig, grab a life jacket, this abortion is going to end up in Lake Powell.

Is this your bank?


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