Insouth Bank Brownsville Tennessee

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David Prince has done a good job a F$$ing this bank

David wiped out 103% of the equity of a 100 year old bank in 3 years

David is a prince

Insouth Bank Brownsville Tennessee was founded in 1869.  The company is on the problem bank list for destructive commercial real estate lending.  That could be why the Texas ratio is 91%.

Assets are $347MM with equity of $21MM

The problem loan portfolio is $46MM.

With $46MM in bad loans and $21MM in equity, one would surmise that the place is bankrupt.

I guess, the regulators haven’t picked up on this.

The management team is also good at losing money.  Net income was ($3MM) in FY10, ($18MM) in FY09 and ($4MM) in FY08.

For some reason, they forgot to post the financial statements.

The CEO David Prince has done an admirable job at destroying the equity base.

He single handedly wiped out 103% of the equity in 3 years, this guy is a prince of equity destruction.

David is the Prince.

This bank survived the Great Depression, but David Prince did was able to wipe them out.

David Prince should be in jail.

Do you bank with these guys?


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