Jefferson Bank Dallas Texas

Jefferson Bank Dallas Texas was founded in 1996.  It is on the problem bank list for unsafe and unsound lending.  Essentially, they are incompetent at commercial real estate lending.  The Texas ratio is 90%

Assets are $205MM with equity of $10MM.

The problem loan portfolio is $4MM with OREO of $9MM

This place is insolvent.

Why aren’t they shut down?

Net income was ($2MM) in FY10, ($9MM) in FY09 and ($3MM) in FY08.  They lost another $1.7MM in Q1 2011.

The website won’t post the financial statements or tell you who the management team is.

They probably in hiding, until this place implodes.

I do know one thing, the management team wiped out 127% of the equity in 3 years, good effort.

Do you have money in this place?


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