Suburban Bank & Trust Elmhust Illinois

This is Blanche Hill she took $15,000,000 of tax payer money which she won’t pay back

This sow runs one of the worst banks in the state

This Donald O’Day he took $15,000,000 of your money which he won’t pay back

David is sitting on $67,000,000 in bad loans

Donald O’Day owes the tax payer $15MM

This place is on the problem bank list

They have $67MM in problem loans

Would you bank or trust Donald?

Suburban Bank & Trust, Elmhurst Illinois was founded in 1971.  The company took $15MM in tax payer funded bailout funds, which they won’t pay back.  For some reason, they are not on the problem bank list.  I guess taking tax payer funds and not repaying them, is not a problem for the government.  With a Texas ratio of 100%, that alone should secure them a place on this coveted list.

Assets are $607MM with supposed equity of $43MM.

The actual equity is $34MM, as the tax payer funds are debt not equity as they are calling it.

The problem loan portfolio in relation to the equity base is staggering.  They have $67MM in problem loans, with $54MM on non accrual and $8MM in OREO.  There are $23MM in construction loans on non accrual, that is scary.  That alone will wipe this place out.

With $67MM in problem loans and $43MM in equity, this disaster is beyond bankrupt.

Kind of looks like Blanche Hill

Why isn’t this place shut down?

Take a look at the calamitous financial performance.  Net income was ($14MM) in FY10 and ($27MM) in FY09.   They lost another $1MM in Q1 2011.

Take a look, they lost another $7MM in Q2 2011.

Based on these stellar results, how are they going to pay back the tax payer $15MM? You can kiss that money goodbye.

Take a look at the website, they won’t post the financial statements or tell you who the management team is.

Blanche Hill wiped this place out in record time.  She is one savvy banker.  She took over in 2002 and bankrupted this bank in a hurry .

Blanche, the tax payer wants to know where is the $15MM you stole?

Do you have money in this place. I would not bank with or trust Blanche Hill and her corrupt management team


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