Heartland Financial Dubuque Iowa

This is Lynn Fuller he took $81,000,000 payer money

Lynn won’t this money back

Lynn takes $604,000 a year

This is Lynn Fuller the CEO, he took $81MM on your tax payer money which he won’t repay

He makes $604k a year, not bad for Iowa

The bank made $2MM last year, how long will it take them to pay back $80MM

Lynn will be 6 feet under by the time tax payer gets paid back

This cat has a corporate jet?

Lynn where is the $80MM, check your pockets.

This is Jon Schimdt the CFO he took $81,000,000 of your money

Jon makes $454,000 and he owes you $81,000,000

Jon is a criminal!

Heartland Financial Dubuque Iowa took $81MM in tax payer funded bailout money, which it has decided to not repay.

Assets were $3.9B with equity of $329MM.

Net Income was $2MM in FY10 and $4MM in FY09.

Based on this financial performance, how long will it take them to pay back $80MM in tax payer money, how about eternity.

At least the executives weren’t impacted.

This is Douglas Horstmann he makes $352,000 a year

Lynn Fuller                made $604k

John Scmidt               made $454k

Douglas Hurstman  made $352k

Kenneth Erickson    made $348k

Melvin Miller             made $257k

This team makes good money, and they get to steal tax payer money and not pay it back.

Lynn, you are a criminal, stole $81MM from the tax payer, you make not effort to pay it back and you get paid $604k.

Lynn Fuller should be in jail

It looks like they have no ability to pay it back.

Do you have money in this back.

Take your money out of this bank, Lynn Fuller is a crock

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