Western Alliance Las Vagas Nevada

This Robert Sarver he took $160MM of your money which he can’t pay back

He makes $1.5MM a year

Hold on he lost this bank “$415MM” in the last 3 years

Robert should be n jail

Robert you lost $415MM, how the hell are you going to pay back $160MM

Western Alliance Bank Las Vagas Nevada took $160MM in tax payer funded bailout money, which they decided not to pay back.  Maybe they lost it at the casino.

Assets are $6.1B with equity of $602MM

Net income was ($17MM) in FY10, ($161MM) in F09 and ($237MM) in FY08.

Stellar financial performance.  How are they going to pay back the tax payer $160MM?

They better stick with poker, the one armed bandit won’t cut it..

Wow, these executives pay themselves well to lose all this money.

Robert Sarver             made  $1.5M

Kenneth Vecchione made $1.8MM

Dale Gibbons              made $567k

Gerald Cody                made $643k

James Gundy              made $556k

So, these guys pay themselves $5M, to lose, get this, $415MM!

They are not worried about pay for performance.

What a life, they also get paid to steal tax payer money and not pay it back.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?


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