S&T Bank Indiana Pennsylvania

This is Todd Brice, this clown took $106MM of you tax payer money, which he won;t pay back

Todd makes $908k per year including a country membership and a car allowance, funded by the tax payer

This fat cat banker is not missing any meals

Todd the tax payer wants the $106MM back

How many chins doe Todd have?

S&T Bank Indiana Pennsylvania was founded in 1902.  The company took $106MM in tax payer funded bailout money, which they have decided to not pay back.

Assets are $4.4B with equity of $576MM

Net income was $37MM in FY10 and $2MM in FY09.

Why wasn’t this money used to repay the tax payer?

How come they are paying dividends to the share holders, but are not paying back the tax payer?

At least the executives pay themselves well, for not paying the tax payer back.

Todd Brice         made $809k

Mark Kochvar   made $443

Edward Havek   made  $664k

David Antolik     made $458k

David Ruddock  made $358k

Robert Routt      made $129k

That includes country memberships and car allowances!

Wow, that is good pay for western Pennsylvania.

These guys have a great gig, make bis salaries, steal tax payer money and not pay it back.  To top it off, the tax payer pays for your country club memberships.

Do you have money in the place?


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