MidSouth Bank Lafayette Louisiana

This is Rusty Clouter, he took $20MM of you money which he won’t pay back

Rusty makes $450k including  a country club membership

Rusty where is the $20MM

MidSouth Bank Lafayette Louisiana took $20MM in tax payer funded bailout money, which they have decided to not pay back.

Assets are $1B with equity of $127MM.

Net income was $4MM in FY10, $3MM in FY09 and $5MM in FY08.

How come they didn’t use these funds to pay back the tax payer?

Maybe they needed the money to pay the executives.

C R Cloutier               made $450k

Karen Hall                  made  $253k

James McLemore  made $252k

John Nichols           made  $219k

Don’t worry, these salaries include country club memberships.

This team has it made, they pay themselves first, steal tax payer money and make no effort to pay it back.

We get to work and pay taxes, to pay for them to play golf!  That is a good racket.

For some reason, the website doesn’t want to tell you who the management team.

Just go the country club, you’ll find them there.


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