First Federal Charlston South Carolina

This is A Thomas Hood, he stole $65,000,000 of your money

A Hole Hood makes $354,000 to take tax payer money

This Hood is sitting on $165,000,000 shit loans

Take a look at A. Thomas Hood, this guy took $65MM of your tax payer money, which he won’t pay back

He gets paid $354k to rack up $165MM in bad loans

How many chins does this fat slob have? A hole Thomas the Hood

A. Thomas, you lost $40MM last year, how are going to pay back $65MM, you can’t

This guy is from the Hood

First Federal Charlston  South Carolina was founded in 1934.  The company stole $65MM in tax payer funded bailout money, which it has refuses to pay back. For some reason, they aren’t on the problem bank list.  I guess taking tax payer money and not paying it back is not a problem for the FDIC.

Assets are $3.25B with $282 in supposed equity.

The actual equity is $217MM, as the $65MM in tax payer funds that is classified as prefered stock, is actually debt.

The problem loan portfolio in relation to equity is impressive.  They have $165MM in non accrual and $27MM in OREO.

With, $165MM in non accrual and $217MM in equity, this place is insolvent.

Why are they not shut down.

Why aren’t they on the problem bank list?

Net income was ($40MM) in FY10.

How are they going to pay back $65MM at this rate?

They can’t, they stole tax payer money, which they can’t return.

Here is the list of criminals that bankrupted this place, but still get paid very well.

R. Wayne Hall       made $293k

Blaise Bettendorf  made $156k

A. Thomas Hood  made $354k

Richard Arthur     made $276k

James Dale Hall    made $272k

These guys pay themselves well to steal $65MM, wipe out the shareholders and run a 77 year old financial institution into oblivion

I guess if you are a banker in South Carolina, you can stick a letter in front of your name, which allows to steal tax payer money and not pay it back.

R. Wayne offered to pay the tax payer back with Confederate money!

Do you have money in this disaster?

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