First Federal Bank Harrison Arkansas

Here is the new site

Here is Larry Brandt on the left this criminal took $16,000,000 in tax payer money which he won’t pay back

Larry gets paid $430,00 to take your money

Larry won’t even pay interest on the money he stole

Larry also wiped out the stockholders

Larry lost $1,800,000 in Q4 2011 alone how is this clown going to pay back the tax payer $16,000,000

 Larry won’t even pay interest on the money he stole

Larry is sitting on $75,000,000 in bad loans, with $70,000,000 in equity

Larry you are F$$king bankrupt

First Federal Bank Harrison Arkansas was founded in 1934.  This is one zombie bank.  They took $16MM in tax payer funded bailout money, they have paid back $6MM.  However, they have not paid interest on these funds since 10/09, they have only made 3 interest payments on these funds.  That is a pretty good deal, when a bank doesn’t have to pay interest on money they took from the tax payer.  The stock is delisted.

They are also on the problem bank list. It looks like they made some bad real estate loans, imagine that.

Here is Tommy Richardson he makes $264,000 to steal tax payer money

Tommy got this place on the problem bank list

Tommy also wiped out the stockholders

Assets are $573MM with equity of $35MM.

The actual equity is only $19MM, as the $10MM in so called preferred stock is actually debt not equity.

The problem loan portfolio incredible.  They have $94MM in bad loans.

If the bank has $94MM in bad loans with $19MM in equity, I would say they are bankrupt.

Why isn’t this place shut down?

At least the executives get paid well, even though the tax payer doesn’t even get paid interest on their loan.

Larry Brandt                 made $430k

Tommy Richardson  made $264k

Sherri Billings              made $245k

So, these 3 pay themselves $1MM, but don’t pay interest on the money they stole from the tax payer.

Larry Brandt makes $430k to bankrupt the company, wipe out the stockholders and steal tax payer money.   How about using some of the $430k to pay interest to the tax payer.

He also destroyed 94% of the equity in the company in 3 years.

Larry, you destroyed a 77 year old financial institution, good effort.

Larry, where is the $16MM you took from the tax payer, in your pocket.

When the first thing you see on the website is real estate they have for sale that is a problem.

They have 100 properties for sale, are you looking for vacant loan or abandoned properties.

Do you have money here? They are using your tax money to pay themselves large salaries.


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