Cornerstone National Bank Easley South Carolina

Cornerstone National Easley South Carolina was founded in 1999. The company is on the problem bank list.  A bank in South Carolina on the problem bank, shocking! The Texas ratio is 100%. The stock is delisted.

Their motto is “founded on value”, then why have wiped out their stockholders equity?

They have assets of $174MM with equity of $18MM

The problem loan portfolio is $12MM.  OREO is $10MM

This place is bankrupt

At least the executives make good money for wiping out the stockholders.

J Roger Anthony              made $222k

Jennifer Champaigne     make $150k

Susan Holly                       made $150k

That is good pay for wiping out the stock holders.

J Roger Anthony has done a great job of destroying this place. I guess if you are a banker or lawyer in the south you get to stick a letter in front of your name?

Do you think Jennifer is drinking champagne at $150K a year as she bankrupts this place.

Their motto is “founded on value”. I tell what does have not value, your stock and your equity.

Is this your bank? They are not exactly the cornerstone of  financial stability.


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