Pueblo Bank and Trust Pueblo Colorado

Take a look at the new site?


Looks like a competent CEO, can’t be worse than the one they have

This is Michael Seppalla, this guy looks like Uncle Fester

Michael is bald because he $42,000,000 in bad loans

Michael is trying to wipe out a 100 year old bank

Do you have money with this joker? Stick with Fester

This fat slob has 12 chins more than Uncle Fester!

The efficiency ratio is over 100%, these clowns lose money just opening up  the doors

This disaster has $42,000,000 in junk loans

They lost $5,340,000 in Q4 2011 alone

Pueblo Bank and Trust Pueblo Colorado was founded in 1899.  For some reason, they aren’t on the problem bank list. One would think with a Texas ratio of 140% and being technically insolvent, they should qualify?

Assets are $331MM and equity is $37MM.

They have $32MM in problem loans, with$30MM on non accrual.  They have $24MM in non accrual construction loans and they can’t make the cut.

This place is insolvent.

Take a look at the financial performance.  Net income was ($10MM) in FY10, ($10MM) in FY09 and ($10MM) in FY08, these cats are consistent.

Guys, when the net income for the last 3 years is lower the overhead, your operating leverage is a problem, though I am no CPA.

When you lose $10MM a year for 3 years, do think there is a problem?

They don’t put the financial statements on the website or tell who the management team is.

I guess when you bankrupt a 112 year financial institution, you might want to lay low in the Pueblo.

This place couples losing money with making bad construction loans, this a recipe for disaster.

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