Community Shores Bank Muskegon Michigan

Community Shores Bank Muskegon Michigan was founded in 1999. The bank is a member of the problem bank community.  They have a Texas ratio of 78%. The stock is delisted.

This is Heather Brolick , she makes $196,000 a year

Heather’s bank is on the problem bank list

She lost another $1,968,000 in Q4 2011 wiping out another 20% of the remaining equity

Thanks to Heather, the stock is de listed

Heather you wiped out the stockholders!

Why is she smiling? she runs one of the worst banks in the state

Heather is sitting on $11,000,000 in bad loans with $9,000,000 in equity she is Scr$$wD

Do you have money in this bank? It is bankrupt


Assets are $253MM with equity of $9MM.

The problem loan portfolio is $13MM.

With $13MM in problem loans and $9MM in equity, that is not good.

This bank is insolvent.

The one thing they do have is some attractive vacant land for sale?

Net income was ($8MM) in FY10, ($5MM) in FY09.  They lost $602k in Q1 2011.

At least the executive team gets taken care of.

Heather Brolick     made   $196k

Tracy Welsh             made $129k

John Clark                made  $106k

That is good money for wiping out 130% of the shareholder equity and bankrupting this thing.


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