Citizens First National Bank Princeton Illinois

Take a look at the new site

Truly sad! I heard they are currently being sued. I read a previous lawsuit file of sexual misconduct going on within the bank….yikes! About ten years ago, a friend of mine said she saw a branch manager and teller having sex on a desk before the branch opened for the day. Maybe instead of “chasing tail” they should be covering their “assets.”

Here is Tony Sorcic he wiped out this bank and killed this town, he should be in jail 

Here he is as a kid, same haircut, Our Gang

Here is Tony burying the investors money in the ground

When is the FDIC going to stop by Tom?

It looks like there is a run on this bank, George Bailey would be proud

Tom Ogaard makes $319,000 a year, the average per capita in this town is $20,000

If you see Tom around town , ask him for the $25,000,000 and how about the interest”

Tom Ogaard has stolen your money long enough

Do you have money in this place?

The FDIC is bankrupt

Take a look at that joker on the left, that is Tom Ogaard he took $25,000,000 in tax payer money which he can’t pay back

Tom hasn’t even pay interest on your money since 11/10

Don’t worry Tom gets paid $319,000 a year 

Tom made $132,000,000 in bad loans

The stock is delisted, check out the 8-K

Do you have money in this disaster?

Hopefully your bank is not on the Capital2risk list

This is Tony Sorcic, this is the criminal who bankrupted this place

Who does his hair?

You will be looking like these guys, deer in the headlights.

Check out capital2risk, you will see the rest of the banks that stole your money

How about starting a run on this bank!


Go to the bank and ask Tom Ogaard where is  your $25,000,000  that he stole

How about if Tom starts paying interest on the money he took, lets start with $319,000 that he pays himself

He makes $319,000 he is the 1%.

The median per capita  income in Princeton is $20,000

Tom Ogaard pays himself $319,000 to bankrupt the local bank.

Most people on Wall Street don’t make $319,000

Tom Ogaard  gets paid $150 an hour to run the local bank into the ground

Tom bankrupted a 146 year old bank, this bank survived the great depression but it won’t survive Tom Ogaard!

He also got this place on the problem bank list

Why the hell are they giving this clown and award?

This is now the 2nd worst bank in the state the Texas ratio has increased to 122%

Tom lost another $18,000,000 in Q3 2011, he wiped 25% of the equity in 90 days

Q4 will interesting

Where is Tom’s left hand? Hopefully not where I think it is

This guy makes $319,000 a year and he gives this heifer a clock , at the BEEF and Ag

Citizens First National Bank Princeton Illinois was founded in 1865.  The company took $25MM in tax payer funded bailout money which it has decided to not repay.  Then again, they stopped paying interest on these funds on 11/10.  Not bad, when a bank doesn’t pay interest on money they borrowed.  Why can’t the tax payer do that? The company is on the problem bank list, shocking!  The Texas ratio is 92%, this place is history.

The bank has $1B in assets with $56MM in stated equity.

The actual equity is $31MM, as the so called preferred stock provided by the tax payer is debt not equity.

The problem loan situation is incredible.  They have $132MM in problem loans, $102MM of which are on non accrual.

They have $31MM in equity with $132MM bad loans.

Tom is giving out clocks, his time is running out

Take a look, Tom has bigger breasts than the guy he is giving the clock to

Hold on, Tom is giving another clock way, this guy steals $25,000,000 from the tax payer and he gives you a clock

It might be time to convict Tom

Have you seen this guy around town

This is Todd Fanning he makes $192,000 a year, wonder why he has no hair?

He might be bald but at least he has pubic hair on his face  

It would take the average person in this town 10 years to make what Todd makes in one year!

How many people in this town make $192,000 a year

If you see Todd around town, ask him for the $25,000,000 of your tax payer $$$ he took.

This thing is beyond bankrupt!

Why hasn’t this bank been shut down.

Net income was ($18MM) in FY10 and ($22MM) in FY09

So how are they going to pay back the $25MM, they took from the tax payer. That is not going to happen.

Luckily the executive compensation wasn’t effected, as they ran this place into ruin.

Thomas Ogaard      made $319k

James Miller            made $194

Todd Fanning         made  $192

That’s good pay for destroying a 146 year old bank

Funny, how they don’t publish the financial statements on the website? Probably busy making bad loans.

It’s public information, not hard to find.

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26 Responses to “Citizens First National Bank Princeton Illinois”

  1. Lives In Princeton Says:

    Truly sad! I heard they are currently being sued. I read a previous lawsuit file of sexual misconduct going on within the bank….yikes! About ten years ago, a friend of mine said she saw a branch manager and teller having sex on a desk before the branch opened for the day. Maybe instead of “chasing tail” they should be covering their “assets.”

    • capital2risk Says:

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      thanks again


  2. Andy Says:

    Wooo this is my bank

  3. Terrance Kelly Says:

    Is this for real??? I pulled my money from here a long time ago. This bank & it’s croonies( pres-vice pres & YES THE board) have been running this town long enough. People it’s time for all of us to have a voice!!! Stand up for what is right!!!

    • capital2risk Says:

      thanks for visiting the site, your feed back it really appreciated, tell you friends

      thanks again

      capital2risk@gmail. om

  4. Leeann Bolio Says:

    Some truly excellent articles on this internet site , thankyou for contribution.

  5. Malka Jowell Says:

    Great post!

  6. God Knows What They Did Last Summer! lol.... Says:

    Check out Started by a frustrated shareholder. Good information on Citizens First National Bank.

  7. Don't forget "President" Alfalfa Says:

    You forgot to mention the previous CEO, Tony Sorcic. He was in charge until he “retired” in January of 2010 and has been alleged to sexually harass certain named ex female employees. You can get pics of him on His last pic is of him holding a poinsetta with a group of Rotarians looking like a dufus. You’ll love his hair! lol…You can get a close up of the hair at.
    He looks like Alfalfa! lol….

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Check out the link to this picture, lol. Who does it remind you of? You should put the pic side by side with Sorcic, the similarities are incredible. lol…,r:23,s:0

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  11. Nancy Says:

    Don’t forget the board of directors of the holding company, Princeton National Bancorp…many of them sat on the board for years…

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