Home Town Bank Roanoke VA

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This is Susan Still, she took $10MM of your tax payer money, which she won’t pay back

She gets paid $208k to bankrupt this place

Home Town Bank Roanoke Virginia was founded in 2005.  The company took $10MM in tax payer bailout money which it won’t pay back.

The bank had $353MM in assets with $27MM in equity.

The actual equity is $17MM, when the tax payer funded preferred stock.

The company has $7MM in problem loans.

The non accrual could potentially wipe out another 35% of the equity.

Net income was ($3.6MM) in FY10 and $539k in FY09.

At this rate how are they going to pay the tax payer back $10MM? It doesn’t look good.

Susan Still   makes $208k

William Moses makes $125k

They pay Susan Still good money to destroy this company.

It didn’t take this place long to steal tax payer money and go bankrupt.

When is the last time the government gave you $10MM, that you didn’t have to pay back?


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