Banner Bank Walla Walla WA

Wonder why Mark is bald? He lost $239,000,000 in the last 3 years and destroyed a 121 year old bank.

With a salary of $7808,00 a year, he probably could afford Hair Club for Men!

He took $124,000,000 of your money and made $788,000

Would you trust Mark with your money?

This criminal stole $124,000,000 of your money

This is Mark Grescovich, he took $124MM in you tax payer funded money which he won’t pay back

He gets paid $788k to run this place into the the ground

Banner Bank Walla Walla WA was founded in 1890.  The bank took $124MM in tax payer bailout funding and has made no effort to repay this debt.  The Texas ratio is 41%.  It is unclear why they aren’t on the problem bank list because they have serious  problems.

Stay connected to your cash, these clowns stole $124,000,000 of your money which they won’t pay back

These Ah$$ls are connected to your cash

This is Lloyd Baker CFO, he took $124,000,000 of your money

The company has $4.1B in assets with $3.1B in loans and $492MM in supposed equity.

Problem loans consist of $26MM in loans 30-90 days past due, with $190MM on non accrual and $99MM in OREO.

It gets even worse when you look at their operating performance.  Net Income was ($136MM) in FY08, ($43MM) in FY09 and ($60MM) in FY10.

How are they going to pay the $124MM tax payer bailout back?

Paul Folz on the left makes $381,000 a year he wiping out a 100 year old bank

When you back out the $124MM in tax payer funding from the equity position. Unfortunately, this actually isn’t equity it is debt, remember this is a loan from the tax payer.  The actual equity is closer to $368MM.

They have $368MM in equity with $315MM in problem loans, they are looking insolvent, so much for getting the $124MM back.

Don’t worry the executives are doing fine, their salaries have not been impacted.

Mark Grescovich    made $788K

Michael Jones        made $407K

Lloyd Baker             earned $390K

Cynthia Purcell      earned $346K

Paul Folz                 made $381K

It is important that these people are well compensated, one would hate to lose this executive team,  who managed to blow through $239MM in the last 3 years.  It is not easy to run a 121 year old institution into the ground.

The market capitalization is $307MM.

Do you think the tax payer will be getting their $124MM back.

This is one Banner bank.

So the executives, make $2.3M, while they lost the company $239MM?

Let alone taking $124MM from the tax payer.

Do you have money is this place, maybe Mark Grescovich will insure it, because the FDIC is bankrupt.

Mark Grescovich should be in jail.

The only banner thing is Mark Grescovich making $788MM for stealing $124MM in tax payer money.

Hey Mark, the reverse stock split won’t help you already wiped out the stockholders. Keep taking your cash until the place is bankrupt, banner!

Do you have money in this disaster?


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  1. Raeann Treglia Says:

    Real great visual appeal on this site, I’d rate it 10.

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